Adel Marzooq

Adel Marzooq

Adel Marzooq is a Bahraini journalist based in London. He is the president of Bahrain Press Association. Can be followed on Twitter @adelmarzooq

Historically, and according to the literature of the governing institutions in Bahrain and the indictment bills in the courts for the political opponents of the different national opposition parties since the fifties of the last century, all the countries of Egypt, Soviet Union, Iran, Qatar, Iraq, USA, UK, Lebanon (Hezbollah) used to support the Bahraini opposition alternately! Bahrain accusations to Qatar that it interferes in the internal affairs vanished after the allegedly “historical reconciliation” between both governing families, to cover a history of the political crisis between both tribes. Consequently, Qatar returns after the Manama declaration to its both neighbors KSA and UAE after withdrawing its ambassador from Doha to be one of the supporters of the Bahraini opposition again, according to the authorities.

Monday, 13 January 2014 15:17

In 2014, is it the king or the opposition?

With the beginning of 2014, the Bahraini people are ending another year that was full of many regional and international changes and deviations. The public are waiting to reach a political settlement in vain, especially that mid-year 2013, after the visit of Crown Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa to Washington, a political settlement plan was declared, but it quickly vanished for many internal and external reasons.

Thursday, 29 August 2013 17:18

End of Journalism and death of Journalists

This is the industry of media and press, a unique industry in which the variables of the “market” precedes the university lesson that these variables give, and the prediction/ products of the accumulated experiences labs in the deep-rooted media institutions.

The killing question that is usually used by those sympathizing with the direction of reforming the regime in Bahrain against the callers for overthrowing, is their question about the plan? Ok, has any of you read the Reformists plan?




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